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conversion part list

Not complete list of parts you will need for this swap.

Parts you can get at Advance Adapters

item/AA part #/AA cost/ hicks cost/
bellhousing adapter:gm to 5sp toyota:712560:$450:$360
slave cylender:716213:$68.30:$61
pressure plate:cf360056:$169:$160
clutch disc:716105:$119.53
release bearing:N1430:$33
headers for 4.3L:717056:$232.22:$184
motor mounts:713001-s:$126.36:$101

Other parts needed

part price (*=quoted price)
flowmaster muffler:$99 50 series-performance street
front drive shaft:*$300
wiring kit:$600 Howell wiring harness